customized shelf- and sideboardsystem. hpl white or black or white with black edge, multiply white, oak veneer or solid wood. material of the shelf itself can be freely combined with the material of the doors or drawers. the width is customizable. three different heights can be chosen and combined according to the purpose and the design which is desired. program for configuration: www.sanktjohanser.net. the sliding doors, drawers, flaps and back panels are flash to the shelf itself. characterizing is the fine shadow gap. one compartment at least has to have a back panel at each storey. TEKTUR K has inner dividers even to the front (no sliding doors possible). TEKTUR S has inner divider panels standing back to the front and /or back (sliding doors possible). the width of the compartments depends on the load and can be between 34 and 54 cm (solid oak 75 cm).

price- and planingprogramm [DE, AT, I, CH]

price- and planingprogramm [BE, FR, NE, ES]

material hpl black or white or white with black edge, (10 mm). multiply black or white (12 mm), mdf with oak veneer with visible mdf edge (13 mm) or oak solid wood (13 mm, glued, length up to 150 cm).
oberflächen oak veneer oil-finished or varnished, oak solid wood oil-finished or soaped.
masse height of storeys 20, 27, 34, 55 cm. individual width, max. 360 cm. d 25, 33, 41 cm.
optional sliding doors (tektur S), drawers, flaps.