bed, staplebed or daybed. solid wood or multiply. the frame with mitre joint is either 7, 10 or 14 cm wide. in case of iku 7 the frame and mattress are flush. in cas of iku10 und iku14 the frame encircles the mattress (depth of inlaying the mattress max. 9 cm). the feets are steelplates mounted at the inside of the frame (iku14) or more inside mounted round poles in steel (black or white) or wood. the height of the staplebed (iku14) is 39 cm (frame) / 45 cm (mattress). the slatted frame of iku7 has to be 10 cm less wide than the size of the frame.

material solid wood, multiply (25 mm) or multiply (20 mm)
wood maple, birch, beech, oak, cherry, nut
surface oil-finished, soaped, mat varnish, black or white
dimensions iku is available for every dimension of mattress. height without mattress: iku7 26cm, iku10 30cm, iku14 25cm.
optional storage place to plug in, slatted frame, mattress, customized sizes. legs rectangular (h=11cm) or standing back round (h= 10/20 cm). frame of bed removable or glued, upholstery, cloth cover.