sanktjohanser | sidetables



multitasking furniture. hpl black or white. matrix is build up storeywise. one can choose between three different heights of each shelf and combine them. inside compartments or optional back panels provide stability. rollers or feets, optional drawers.


sidetable. solid wood or multiply. sidetable with three different openings at the sides and one drawer.


sidetable. solid wood, multiply or swiss cdf. openings at the sides and the front. rollers 4,3 or 7,5 cm.

depot x

container, sidetable. solid wood or multiply. rollers. depot x is available in six different variations. container: 1 one shelf aluminium, one shelf wood. 2 with one drawer. 3 with two drawers. side table: 4 basic version. four openings at the sides. 5 with one addiotional shelf. 6 with a simple drawer.

social cube

versatile system. multiply maple, felt. this all purpose furniture is functional and adaptable. it consists of four components: a base element that can be used as a table, chair or bench; a shelf (on rollers) and a small and a large stool cube (on rollers, storage place inside), two seat pads (felt). the hidden castors allow for ease movement and tempt us to try out new combinations. each sample is numbered, year of production is added. social cube is in mak wien hands, in the museum für kunst und gewerbe hands, hamburg, and in the collection ludewig hands, berlin.


sidetable, stool. modular furniture either made of solid wood or multiply. U-shaped or O-shaped cubes or complete cubes K (top cover to open). there is the possibilty to position the O-shaped cube and the cube K under the U-shaped stool.


sidetable. hpl black and white or solid wood in oak and nut, aluminium or wooden poles. either rollers or feet. pi is serial and unique. arrangement and diameter of the poles between the levels is configured by random principle. every pi is different. the sidetable is available in three diameters and four different heights of storeys. randomconfigurator


all-purpose furniture. multiply or solid wood. basic is an all-purpose furniture that changes its features accordingly to the ever changing demands of its user. side-table, wardrobe, bench, sideboard, stackable rack or wall-mounted shelf. basic consists of four different elements that can be joined to become one volume. basic s, m, l and t. as a shelf, simply stacked, basic adopts to various requirements. basic s, m and l are fitted with the option for a wall-mount and additional insert base.