sanktjohanser | digital

modular sideboard- and shelfsystem. hpl black, white with black edge or white with white edge. digital is available in two different depths and 12 different widths. it is mounted storeywise. there is the possibility of 4 different heights of the storeys. these can be combined in a free way. the panels inside the shelf can be positioned in various ways: straight-line, like combs or in a free way. digital is extremely variform. its distinctive aesthetics is characterized by the matching fine lines of the edges. option for drawers and flaps.

price- and planingprogramm [DE, AT, I, CH]

price- and planingprogramm [BE, FR, NE, ES]

material hpl black, white with black edge or white with white edge
dimensions depth 33, 41 cm. height of storeys: 14, 21, 29, 38 cm. headroom of storeys: 11, 18, 26, 35 cm. length 40 – 360 cm.
optional drawers, flaps, back panels in white, black or transluscent.