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wardrobe for various purposes consisting of two elements. different sizes. quartier is covered with a high quality textile (white sailcloth). frame solid oak. the two elements (on rollers) with identic or different depth are connected with hinges. the transluscent two-part wardrobe is available in six sizes. it can be equipped with shelves (mat white) and cloth rails. specifications material interior multiply white and oak solid wood. covering dacron-canvas. dimensions h 136, 204 cm. w/d single element 70/40, 70/60 cm. w/d two elements 70/80, 70/100, 70/120 cm. downloads


system for customized wardrobes. multiply covered with hpl white with oil-finished edge (multiply visible) or three-layer-oak or fir without treatment of the surface (swiss stone pine +15%). material thickness 20 mm. price- and planingprogramm [DE, AT, I, CH] price- and planingprogramm [BE, FR, NE, ES] specifications material multiply or solid wood wood oak, fir, swiss stone pine. surface untreated, black or white. dimension height 180-300. t 40-100. width 40-308 cm. optional sliding doors, doors, shelves, shelves to pull out, clothes rail, drawers. downloads


customized shelf- and sideboardsystem. solid wood, multiply or mdf. dasregal can serve as a shelf for books, as wardrobe, as low- or sideboard, as sidetable, as wallmounted shelf or as furniture for sitting. pieces of furniture up to a height of 160 cm have end to end boards at the top and the bottom. higher shelves have end to end sides. the configuration program ( is based on standard sizes. price of customized size corresponds to next in size shelf. price- and planingprogramm [DE, AT, I, CH] price- and planingprogramm [BE, FR, NE, ES] spezifikationen material solid wood, multiply or mdf (20 mm) wood maple, birch, beech, oak, cherry, nut surface oil-finished, soaped, mat varnish, black or white dimensions standard depths 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 cm. standard heights 40, 80, 120, 200, 240, 300cm. standard widths 60, 80, 100, 120, 160, 200, 220,… optional drawers, suspension file drawer, flaps, doors, back panels in white, black, transluscent and wood, castors, wall mounting, wall bracket, custom-built model. downloads