sanktjohanser | beds



bed. solid wood or multiply. bezwei is available in three different versions: with one storage place, with two storage places or without storage place.two lids cover the storage place partly. option of third lid to close the storage place completely.


bed. solid wood or multiply. dinadrei has boards for storage at each side, a frame standing back and a higher head board. the back standing frame is either white or black or wooden. dinadrei is available in a particularly long and in a particularly high version.


couch, daybed, sofa bed, bed. wood. salto stands for flexibility. salto is always there, where you like to sit, to sleep, to chat or read. hidden rollers, pull out function, spacious bed box.


bed, staplebed or daybed. solid wood or multiply. the frame with mitre joint is either 7, 10 or 14 cm wide. in case of iku 7 the frame and mattress are flush. in cas of iku10 und iku14 the frame encircles the mattress (depth of inlaying the mattress max. 9 cm). the feets are steelplates mounted at the inside of the frame (iku14) or more inside mounted round poles in steel (black or white) or wood. the height of the staplebed (iku14) is 39 cm (frame) / 45 cm (mattress). the slatted frame of iku7 has to be 10 cm less wide than the size of the frame.


stackable bed, day bed. multiply or solid wood. the mitre-joint-frame is 7cm high and sits flush under the mattress. a permanently fitted grate serves for good comfort when sitting or lying down. stacked and with the two mattresses iku7+ is 44cm high. for the two mattresses also a slip cover is available. a sleeping pad made of a thick non-woven wool fabric is stored in a pillow case for additional comfort. additional placement areas, back rests and cube-shaped upholstery are available upon request.